Friday, September 28, 2012


We're hoping to head back to this awesome antique shop over the weekend!

I'm currently...

Reading: Twenty-Six by Leo McKay Jr.

Watching: Urban/Suburban on HGTV online

Listening: Feist "Metals"

Drinking: Davids Tea "Paradise Found"

Dreaming: about a new home

Thinking: about Heidi's big move today

Planning: a new blog design

Feeling: tired after a long school week

Wishing: my wardrobe was full of pretty autumn clothes

Creating: a gift for new babies this weekend

Hoping: to go antiquing with my family this weekend

Smelling: someone's hazelnut coffee

Missing: my little dog since I'm gone so long everyday

Discussing: the new Jenn Grant album

How about you? What are you currently up to?

Happy Friday... and happy weekend!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Recipe Link Love

I don't know about you, but I love finding new recipes and food ideas online. Anytime that I am stuck for supper ideas, I usually am able to find a recipe to try that break our routine up a bit. I have an ever growing list of recipes bookmarked and thought that you might like to try some of them! Here are some delicious sounding (and looking) recipes from across the web.  Let me know if any are a hit... or a miss!

Healthy Eats
Quinoa Salad with Cucumber and Feta (tried it - loved it!)
Sun-dried Pesto Lentil Salad
Baked Quinoa Patties
Togarashi Edamame Beans
Tumeric Chicken

Yummy Treats
Red Velvet Cheeseball
Starbuck's White Chocolate Mocha
S'More Bars
S'More Dip
Coconut & Lime Rice Pudding

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Faves

What's your favourite part of autumn? Do share!

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Summer Getaway

Dan and I took a few days to ourselves last week for a summer getaway. Dan had some time off of work (which was much-needed), and I had a few days before school started, so we decided to have a mini vacation. We took a little road trip and managed to take a photo or two while we were away. We had a blast unwinding, walking, camping, snacking and enjoying the sights and sounds of a few coastal towns. I could move to one of those towns in a day! So sweet and laid back, with beautiful homes, vegetable gardens, artisans, farmers' markets and natural foods galore. What an awesome vibe! 

We spent the night camping at a provincial park that was on its own island - cool, eh? After stopping at a convenience store and buying s'mores supplies, we built a little fire and sat out in the dark. Dan and I both forgot to pack our air mattress and pillows, so it was a bit of a rough sleep... although it certainly helped us to get up nice and early the following day :) A yummy gourmet breakfast, a stop at a shop or two, and we were on our way.

I'm trying to get into using Photoshop for school, so I'll let the photos do the talking:

Have you taken some time off over the summer for a afternoon, day, or week away? Do share!

Happy Thursday!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wedded Bliss

Some photos from the wedding that I decorated in August are now online! Chloe O'Brien, photographer extrodinaire, has uploaded an assortment of photographs into one killer blog post. A little birdy told me that she was hoping to get some exposure on a wedding blog or two, and with shots like that, I'm sure that she will!

I had so much fun coming up with a decor concept with Janelle in preparation for the big day. Between the two of us (and lots of others!), we thrifted, crafted, DIYed, borrow and arranged a lovely assortment of wedding decor. The wedding was a casual, modern vintage affair with a photo wall, kraft paper runners, candy bar, mason jar chandelier and vintage book centrepieces. I made the boutonierres and corsages and a whole slew of banners. It was craft central around our place for a few weeks!

Colin and Janelle's wedding in Louisburg, Cape Breton was a free-for-all of vintage goodness, but don't just believe me. See for yourselves!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Multitude Monday

Well, well, well. Can you believe it? It's time for Multitude Monday!

Over the summer, I've let my multitudes slide, but here's the idea: each week, I like to list ten things that I'm currently thankful for. Write out a list helps to remind me of all the things that are wonderful and going smoothly in my life. I know that sometimes I get dreadfully weighed down by negativity and struggle with loneliness. Writing my multitudes every week is a huge uplift to my spirits. Feel free to chime in through the comments on this post, or on your blog or in a journal. My friend Heidi has started doing Multitude Mondays on her blog over the summer - and you can, too!

(If you need some inspiration, click here to read my other 520(!) things that I'm thankful for!)

This week, I'm thankful for:

521 - driving our standard car over three hours today! Wahoo!
522 - starting a brand new adventure by going back to school.
523 - having Photoshop and Illustrator loaded on my computer.
524 - a pan of apple crisp sitting on the counter that my mom made with apples that we picked yesterday!
525 - ... and french vanilla ice cream in the freezer to go with the crisp. Yummo!
526 - a pretty new bag to use for school - I feel so lady-like.
527 - having a sweet friend of mine come over on Saturday to help me clean my closet.
528 - the scent of an orange creamsicle candle burning in the kitchen.
529 - my niece starting grade primary last week and making some new little friends.
530 - sneaking a visit in with my sister-in-law and nephews this afternoon.

What are you currently thankful for? Do share!

Happy Monday!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hello, September.

Oh, August, you've been swell, but now it's time for a new month and some big changes.

Hello, September.

August was one of the busiest months I've ever had. Dan and I celebrated five years of marriage on the 17th, we took little mini vacations here and there, spent time with Dan's brother who was visiting his family, decorated for a friend's wedding, attended two weddings, said goodbye to Dan's mom as she moves across the country and helped my brother move off to university. Whew!

One big secret that I've kept from the blog? I'm going back to school! I start a two year graphic design program tomorrow. Becoming a full-time student is a strange thought, but I know that I'll have fun. I'm relying on the Lord to bring me peace about this new experience. The support from my husband and family will be the key. I have an orientation day tomorrow, and then my classes will start on Monday. I'm excited for this new adventure!

So, what's new in your lives? Any fun adventures over the month of August, or coming up this month? Do share!

Happy Thursday!

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