Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Picks

Some things I've been enjoying on this lovely Monday evening:

These snickerdoodles.

I made a pumpkin pie for my sweet.
Not this one, of course... photo is from Smitten Kitchen.

Terrific day today:
  • A phone call from a darling friend: it was great to talk to you, Heid!
  • A day in the kitchen - cookies, pies, and a slow cooker supper.
  • Rearranged our bedroom - taking full advantage of the early morning sun
  • A trip to the mall and out for appetizers with a sweetie - it's so nice to have time to relax
  • Monday School (bible class) for the little ones - who were a little rowdy, but still fun
  • Relaxing all evening with my hubby - supper together, and working at the kitchen table together.
I'm off to organize our DVD collection, and there will be some snuggle time left with my sweet and my pup.

Happy Monday!

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