Monday, February 8, 2010

Countdown: Six Days

In honor of the holiday of lovers, I'll be doing a Valentine's Day countdown this week :)

To start off, I decided to go back to the basics with a "Polyvore Loves" post - haven't seen that in a while, eh? I picked out a cute outfit that I could definitely find in my closet for a date night:

denim leggings: check
plaid tunic: check
sparkly hair pins: check
cute flats: check
white handbag: check
Valentine's Day
We usually "rock out" to a pretty calm and quiet holiday, so this outfit would be perfect for a night in or night out. My hubby made fantastic suppers for me for the past two years - celebrity chef inspired :) 2008 - Rachael Ray, 2009 - Michael Smith. Am I spoiled or what?

Happy Monday!

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