Monday, April 19, 2010


Welcome back - I hope you had a lovely weekend!

I thought that I'd share my latest thrifted finds with you today. I'd love to show you more often - both recently thrifted items, and just some favourite thrifted ones. Today's though, were just from last week...

Pretty black suede sandals - $5

The cutest silhouettes in the cutest frames - $3-4 for both

A set of pretty vintage pillowcases - $1 for the pair

Another Pyrex for my collection - $2.99

Didn't I hit it well? I've been extra selective lately - I am only bringing items in that I really love. The silhouettes are my favourite find, I think. I can't wait to hang them in my bedroom and show you!

Happy Monday!


  1. I just picked up a vintage pillow case too. I love the pictures. I have tried to find something like those but with no luck.

    Who wouldn't love those wedges--:D I have to say I get weird looks when I tell people I buy shoes at the thrift. OH well their loss.

  2. thrifting is definitely one of my favourite pastimes - glad you enjoyed my finds :)


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