Monday, August 2, 2010

Catch Up.

Welcome back... I had a terrific weekend - hope you did, too!

We went camping on Friday night. I didn't get any pictures of our cute little tent, but it's done us well over the past three years. It rained during the night - we weren't surprised, it does every time that we camp. Saturday evening, while talking, we discovered that we both didn't sleep well during the heavier downpours - we must have been laying there beside each other, wide awake ha ha ha.

We spent the day in Ingonish on Saturday...

Here's a picture of the beautiful Cabot Trail. Daniel saw me uploading this picture, and he said, "Hey, that's the one that I took and you were yelling "keep your eyes on the roaad!" We laughed about it - the shot turned out well, but you can see the sharp turn sign in the photo... exactly what I was warning him about.

One of the trails that we did was Broad Cove Mountain. Here's the entrance to the trail...

... and here's the view from the top! It was breathtaking... and the trail was also breathtaking. By breathtaking, I mean... it was hard to breathe :) I have a cold, and it was a killer trail, so I thought my lungs were going to explode :)

Hey! That's us! (Look at the cute little birdie silhouettes on my hoodie - they're adorable!)

The second little trail that we did lead us to a waterfall. Sorry for the picture - it was hard to get a clear shot without half-naked bodies in it. We didn't realize that it was also a swimming hole... When I think of jumping into a big natural pool, I think of wearing a sporty Roots one-piece, not a triangle bikini. Maybe that's just me.

I had to share a shot of my favourite place name in the world... well, one of them. I also like Wiedner Drive :) Skir Dhu, how cool is that? Also, all of the place signs in Cape Breton have the Gaelic translation, which is kind of neat...

We spent the day Sunday at Mom and Dad's - had a barbeque, went to gospel meeting, watched fireworks, then went for some pizza. All in all, fantastic weekend. I love it when we're both off together.

Daniel and I took Sage for a walk a few minutes ago, so now it's time to relax. Hooray for snuggles on the couch!

Happy Monday!

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