Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Random Burst

My favourite ring... just thought I'd show you :)

Surprise! It's a second post - just for Jacalyn. I promised her a good one yesterday but didn't get the chance to blog during my hectic day... so here's post number two!

I have are two quotes of the day for you. These puppies are real gems, both said by the mister over the course of our weekend.

"This place is probably chock full of environmentalists."
... said after I expressed the desire to strangle the chirping birds at the campground. Sorry nature nuts, they were driving me bonkers. I like my birdies quiet... or at least cute chirps.

"I don't wanna be picture-taked while I'm eating."
... said about the cute squirrel eating an apple with his two little hands - we proceeded to take his picture.


1 comment:

  1. he he. Love the squirrel quote, the most! :) And such a beautiful ring!!


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