Friday, October 29, 2010

Now for that announcement...

I'm without one of my boys for a few days... the one that I'm in love with :) I still have the other guy to keep me company - he's my little darling.

The reason why I'm temporarily husband-less? He's helping his dad... get the house ready... for us to move in! That's right - 

we're moving!

Daniel got a temporary position at a hospital that's a lot closer to where we're from. He gets to keep his position here, though, since it's the same district - meaning, if the job ends, he can have his old one back, and the same seniority level. We get to be with our families! Daniel's parents have a granny suite built on their house, so we get to live in an entirely separate apartment. Cool beans :)

I get to take the winter off - and work on a business plan! Things are happening very quickly - I'm finishing up with work next Friday, so I've only got a week left. We've been busy little beavers, dividing our possessions into ditch, keep, and store (the new apartment is smaller than our current place). Over the next two weeks, we're going to be flat out, but I'm hoping to get some posts pre-made and schedule them so you don't miss your daily reads.

I hope that your long, long week has come to a pleasant end - enjoy the weekend!

Happy Friday!

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