Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Birthday Recap

I had a lovely 24th birthday yesterday...

I got to sleep in, and then I prepped our apartment for our evening guests. My mom and dad took me out for lunch at the local old-school restaurant... love those joints. Home made cheeseburgers are one of the reasons why I can't give up red meat :)

We had our families over for a little get together. We had yummy snacks, I'll have to share some recipes with you. Mom made adorable marbled cupcakes - totally professional! AND - Daniel got Jessie to make this:

A foxy chocolate and caramel cake! Look at the little button flowers! Genius... and delish.

I got so many presents from my family! A manicure/pedicure gift certificate, a throw for our living room, Michael's gift card, Value Village gift card, scarf, hats, purse, cutting board and so much more - so spoiled! My mom even made me a crocheted hat, it's adorable.

I got some special Facebook messages e-mails, and phone calls - I really feel loved. I got to finish the evening off with some quiet time with my hubby and Sage... watching old show episodes is the perfect end to a great day.

Happy Wednesday!

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