Monday, November 15, 2010

Multitude Monday

I'm back, I'm back, I'm back!

We're all moved in, and I'm eager to share my Multitude Monday with you so I can start this blogging thing off right. Today I'm thankful for:

71 - a cozy and warm new apartment
72 - in-laws right next door
73 - my family a minute down the road
74 - an abundance of natural light all day long
75 - free laundry - yippee!
76 - yummy green onion and cheddar biscuits from the local bakery
77 - free wireless, for the second apartment in a row - don't worry, last time our landlord shared, and this time our in-laws shared... we aren't stealers :)
78 - getting to see Heidi this weekend
79 - freshly painted living room and bathroom
80 - a lazy Susan in my kitchen cupboards

This marks the first post of my fresh blogging start. I can't wait to share so much with you in the next few weeks: glimpses of our new home, recipes (since I can photograph food in natural light now), crafts, and DIY ideas for the upcoming holidays. Eeek - I can't wait!

Happy Monday!

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