Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Photo Rejects.

This year, we attempted an indoor, formal, night-time Christmas photo. Bad idea, I know. There's an awesome website, La PhotoCabine, that takes photos with your webcam that look like photo-booth pics. I found it a couple of months ago and I had planned on using the site for our Christmas photo as soon as I saw it.

Try the website out if you have a few minutes to spare. 

Our photo taking was a little tedious, as Sage wanted to go play and didn't want to look at the webcam, but here are our two favourite strips. We let Sage do a few shots by himself, too :) He's quite the showboat.

I had wanted to crop and enlarge my favourites, and print them for our Christmas cards. Unfortunately, the quality isn't terrific and the photos get crazy pixelated when enlarged. I guess these shots are just for fun. Oh, well, they are a great memory maker of 2010.

Happy Wednesday - I'm off to help Dad with Mom's Christmas shopping - that's another special tradition in our family :)

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