Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Etsy Feature: My Sunshine Designs

Today's Etsy Feature is My Sunshine Designs. The shop is based out of Renfrew, Ontario - go Canucks! They have so many great items for little kiddos, and their mamas, too. From bibs to coffee cozys, pacifier clips to crayon rolls, this shop has got you covered.

I ordered the crayon roll above as part of my niece and nephew's joint gift. I'm doing up a little bundle for them to craft with, and this roll takes the cake. It holds 12 crayons, so it's not too big for little ones. It's a great gender-neutral colour combination, and super fun, too. These crayon rolls are perfect for road trips, or even to have in your bag to keep the kiddies occupied quietly in church or a restaurant. Hey, they get to express themselves creatively as well - we all win! :)

Check out My Sunshine Designs - you won't be disappointed!

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