Thursday, December 30, 2010

Game On

Shamus, Sage and I having a late night game sesh

We're having a few people over for a little game night tonight!
We have Balderdash, Pop 5, and a few other board games to try out.
I picked up some yummy snacks at the grocery store this afternoon.
We've got coconut chai tea, egg nog, and rhubarb cordial on tap.
Our little apartment is tidied and swept.
There's a pumpkin spice diffuser in the living room.
My friend Julie did the calling and inviting...
if she didn't call you, consider yourself still invited :)

Sound fun?
Put on your game face and bring it!


  1. i was just telling family members about dan and you playing balderdash a few years ago - that was insane how similar your stories came to each other... more than once!

  2. wasn't that wierd? we play well as a team, that's for sure :)


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