Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Holla at my Challah

How do you turn this:

... into this?

By following this recipe from Smitten Kitchen, of course!

I have got a shameful confession. I have a diploma in Boulanger and Baking Arts - aka I'm a bread baker by trade. Yet, I have not made a loaf of bread in almost four years. Four years! Pizza dough doesn't count :)

I've been craving a mean loaf of challah, my fave. Before we moved, there was an awesome Jewish bakery that sold a decent challah, but now - no dice. The nearest loaf is a good hour and a half away. I decided to give into the cravings and make some challah of my own. 

This recipe isn't my favourite - I should have taken out my school books. It's a nice "white" bread, but I like an egg-y, honey-ish, sweet loaf. Challah is for special occasions, and this recipe was a run of the mill white bread sort of deal. If you make it, doctor it up - add an egg or two, and substitute honey for the white sugar. The double egg wash did give the loaves a lovely colour. Our loaf didn't make it this far, but challah makes an awesome bread for French toast. Just sayin'.

We ate one loaf - oooh, a slice with Nutella is divine - and we shared a loaf with a friend. We took it over with a batch of potato leek soup - suppertime delivery. She loved it, so it couldn't have been too bad!

Oh, and the title? Challah is usually pronouced "holla" - please don't let me hear you say challl-uh. I know, I know, potato, potahto. I just like "holla"... maybe because I say "hollllla" everytime :)

Happy Tuesday!

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