Monday, February 28, 2011

Good Thrift Hit.

I went grocery shopping this morning (yay!) and Mom and I decided to check out two local consignment shops before we headed home. Am I ever glad that we did! 

I picked up three sweaters, in what may possibly be my go-to colour combination: olive, mustard, and oatmeal. It's so classic, but a little bit trendy, too. It's my Anthro style on a budget :) The sweaters are all in excellent condition, and were all $5 or less.

The bottom two sweater are cardigans... my fave, as you know, and they'll be part of my easing-my-way-into-spring wardrobe. The polka-dotted olive and cream one is a pullover, lightweight sweater.


I also found two adorable pairs of teensy, weensy shoes for my friend Janelle. Well, not for her... for her very soon-to-be little baby boy. :) They were both under $2 and never worn. Score!

Did you find any little thrifted treasures this weekend? Do share!

1 comment:

  1. oh katie. i'm so in love my heart is about to burst. they're beautiful. thank you, friend. <3


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