Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thifted Thursday

I went on a very quick thrift trip a couple weeks back. I went into the store looking for a new blanket for our dog - we buy secondhand hand-knit throws for him so I don't feel guilty throwing them out when they get all grody (how do you spell that?! I've only used it out loud before...) from being washed a million times. If you have a pet, I'm sure that you know what I mean.

Not only did I find Sage a nice new blanket, but I walked out of the store with this:

What?! Can you believe that I thrifted this beautiful blanket? At $12.99, it was way more than I usually spend on one secondhand item... but it was totally worth it. A handmade throw in colours that match our room perfectly! It's all hand-tied as well. What a gorgeous piece of work - I can't believe that someone donated it! Their loss, I guess :) It's just perfect for us!

The last photo of the set shows the throw's colours the most accurately - aren't they dreamy? It has the exact yellow of our quilt set, a shade of mint green that I love, and a lovely dark gray that matches our Euro shams. This blanket is one of my favourite finds yet!

Have you found any thrifted goodies lately?

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