Monday, October 24, 2011

Multitude Monday

It's Multitude Monday, crafting edition! 

This week, I'm thankful for:

260 - my Crop-a-dile! It's the coolest hole punch ever: it punches through paper, cardstock, cardboard, and leather, and also sets eyelets - neat, eh? It's bright pink, too. Sweet.

261 - scissors. I must use them at least five or ten times a day, between home and work. I've got a couple of favourite pairs - and a couple of least favourite. Sometimes being a leftie is tough!

262 - double-sided tape. It's. the. absolute. best. You can buy it at any dollar store, too: no need to spend a fortune at Michael's or Walmart. Stock up at Dollarama, dude!

263 - acrylic paint. It's addictive. I even got some for Christmas from Dan last year. He picked out some of my favourite colours: mustard yellow and robin's egg blue. He knows me too well.

264 - tea stain ink. I love using it on the edges of every paper project. It just takes that freshly cut edge off of everything, and give it a certain "je ne said quoi". Beautiful.

265 - homemade envelopes. Made from a magazine page, or simply paper with washi tape and stickers, why use a white envelope when there are so many other fun options?

266 - ribbon. I've been trying to use up my stash before I purchase any more. It's just so easy to grab a couple from Michael's bargain bin - beautiful colours, textures, and patterns. Bliss.

267 - buttons. My weakness isn't fading. I've got most of my collection sorted by colour in mason jars, and a few goodie bottles that aren't sorted. One group is in a vintage milk bottle with the original cap. Some sweet old lady must have been collecting for a while. I lucked out.

268 - embroidery thread. There are so many awesome colours, and the ways to use the thread are endless. Projects galore - I made friendship bracelets this summer (speaking of which, Dan wants a Man-U one - I better get cracking!)

269 - fabric scraps. I love buying vintage pillowcases to cut up, and I always grab some fat quarters when I go to the fabric store. It's so much fun to come up with cool fabric combinations in a project.

What craft supplies are your favourites?

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