Thursday, October 20, 2011

Polyvore Loves

It's my first post from our new computer!

After 74 days without our own computer, maybe a bit of phone rage, and a whole lot of annoyance, Future Shop decided to give us a refund to use towards a brand new computer. We drove to the nearest location Tuesday after work and picked out a pretty new laptop. I'll share pics of our new fangled machine tomorrow... Once I get used to it, I think I'll be in love. I'm loving the keyboard already.

Today's Polyvore Loves is for my friend Jacalyn. Old Navy has got some awesome looking fall clothing (I may or may not have ordered a sweater and pair of jeans online tonight - shh! There's a code for today only that is an extra 30% off everything! ONHARVEST) and I wanted to create a cozy yet stylish outfit. I know that Jacalyn would rock this outfit... it's so cute! A comfy brown sweater with a pretty neckline, a pair of dark wash trouser jeans, adorable flats, striped scarf, and practical purse. Nice dangly earrings and she's out the door! I know that this could be a go-to outfit. This would be a perfect outfit for a walk through the local corn maze with a hot chocolate in hand.

What's your favourite thing to wear in fall?

Happy Thursday!


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