Thursday, November 10, 2011

Twelve by 2012: Update

Time for this week's 12 by 2012 update! 

I'm plugging away at all of my goals (click here to read my list of fun goals to accomplish by 2012) and slowly making progress. It's time to pick up the pace... only seven and a half weeks left of 2011. How crazy is that?! I did get to check one goal off of my list, though:

#2 - Use my manicure/pedicure gift certificate before it expires

I took a trip to Sydney with Mom on the weekend and had a little time at the nail salon. It's called Darling... isn't that darling?! I got a metallic teal on my toes, and these shades on my nails:

Bare it in Trafalgar Square by Opi

Bring on the Bling by Opi

I got a pretty nude shade with a bling finger on each hand. I think it's going to be my go-to now... I love having one nail different. And... the pedicure! I could go every week. Aaah. Totally relaxing. Other than giggling out loud when she was pumicing the bottom of my foot, I loved every minute. Thanks, Dan, for the birthday spoilage - too bad it took me 12 months to get to use it!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Yay, mani/pedi! :) I'm also obsessed with having one different nail...he he. And I, too, could have a dreamy pedicure everyday...(sigh). They should give them for free at work, or something!

  2. Katie - love that you are keeping up to date with the 12 by 2012 project!! Since it's getting near December, I am getting super motivated to get more things done ;) Hope you finish your list - it looks like at the rate going you will!

  3. I'm hanging on to my pedicure for all that it's worth :) Here's to hoping I get more 12 by 2012 projects done!


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