Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I haven't shared any suppertime photos in a while. Do you miss them? We only took a picture of two meals that were actually photo-worthy. The rest consisted of takeout, leftovers, and random meals. Definitely not photo worthy. The holidays put a little havoc into mealtime, with all of the travelling and festivities.

Last week I was feeling bad about my lack of cooking, so I stopped at the grocery store on the way home form an outing a splurged a little bit. Fresh pasta and scallops sounded like perfection.

Here's what I did:

  • Made a roux out of flour and butter
  • Added chicken broth and cream
  • Added two cubes of my frozen pesto, chili flakes and salt/pepper
  • Sauteed button mushrooms and added them to the sauce
  • Chopped up green onions and added half of them to the sauce
  • Cooked the fresh pasta
  • Pan-seared the scallops
  • Plated the pasta, topped with the sauce, then scallops and fresh green onions

Remember how I was feeling uninspired last night when I went to make supper? Well, I got in the kitchen and the creative juices started flowing. Here's what we had last night:

Mmm - I have been hoarding a couple of packs of udon noodles, and I put them to use last night. Sauteed two chicken breasts, zucchinis, a bell pepper, celery, matchstick carrots, and mushrooms. Made up a batch of my peanut sauce, thinned it with broth, and voila! Easy breezy supper! 

Here's what our little table looks like for the holidays:

Have any supper recipes to share?

Happy Wednesday!

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