Monday, April 1, 2013

Multitude Monday : April 1, 2013

multitude monday polka dot soup
My family dog, Lucy - I brought her home on Easter weekend twelve(ish) years ago! Snapped her photo yesterday.

It's April 1st! Did you get tricked on this April Fool's Day? Thankfully, this was the first year in a while that I haven't gotten tricked. I'm usually the most gullible person when it comes to April Fool's Day, but this year, no one even attempted to fool me, thank goodness. I'm not a big fan of the concept, usually end up feeling like crying, hahaha - way to be an emotional, over-reacting girl about the whole thing.

Hapa-happy Easter! I spent most of my long, long weekend indoors, clicking away on my assignments, but managed to escape for a few fun moments. Regardless of the amount of time I spent on school work, I enjoyed my weekend immensely. Dan was off all weekend, too, so any moments that I had free I got to spend them with him. Yay!

This week, I'm thankful for:

651 - the whole reason of it being a long weekend - the death and resurrection of my Lord, who died so that I can be free!
652 - celebrating Easter with my family and Dan's, as well as with our church community.
653 - chocolate goodness - Dan and I skipped giving each other treats this year, since we knew that we'd get oodles from our families. We were right :)
654 - the final countdown for school! There are only a couple of more hair-pulling weeks until I'm done for the semester.
655 - not feeling like a giant procrastinator, which is usually how I feel. So far, I feel like this week's assignments are manageable.
656 - Heidi running her first marathon. What a champ! (Everytime I say or type the word "marathon" I think in my head the way they say it on Run Fatboy Run - marathun.)
657 - getting to have a phone chat with Kelsie this evening - and finishing up a design project, too!
658 - meeting up with a special preggo friend before her little one arrives - which is any day now.
659 - spending two days last week at an incredible conference: Growing a Creative Economy. Amazing!
670 - making up Easter bags for my little brothers and Dan's Sunday School class. It was fun shopping and bagging the treats.

What about you? What are you currently thankful for?

Happy Monday!

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