Monday, November 3, 2014

Multitude Monday : November 3, 2014

Good day! It's time for some Multitudes this Monday morning

What is Multitude Monday? Well, starting out, each week I would write a list of ten things that I was currently thankful for. Now, it's not quite as regular but the idea is still the same. Compiling a list of positive things in my life is a great way to take a look at my daily blessings and to take the focus away from the less than great elements. For example - I'm thankful for naps… as opposed to being woken up several times during the night ;) I'd love for you to chime in! Feel free to use the idea and come up with a list on your own blog, in a notebook, on your fridge, or even in the comments in this post. Try it! You'll feel better instantly.

Today I'm thankful for:

801 - Forgetting to buy Halloween treats until the day before, but finding the perfect assortment for a yummy treat bag when I did make it to a store
802 - A weekend spent with my hubby and baby girl
803 - Finding a pair of knee-high leather Nine West boots at the thrift store in my size
804 - Planning a meal for the Bible conference at our church this weekend
805 - Making plans for Christmas craft fairs later on this month
806 - A potential phone wipe averted
807 - Cool mornings and a refreshing breeze
808 - Violet grabbing her toes constantly and sometimes managing to get a sock in her mouth
809 - Finding new recipes to experiment with that have positive results

810 - It’s my birthday month!

Happy Monday!

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