Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Fresh Start

Rockin' the retro shades. We were meant to live in the eighties.

Here we go again... another shot at this blog jazz.

Spring has finally sprung. D and I took Sage for a walk on a really nice beach nearby. We'd never been there before and the day was beautiful, so we ventured out for the day:

Sage and D had a little quiet time with their shadows.

I'm going to try and do two posts in a row - wish me luck!


  1. I've just started a blog too. It's nice having a little space of your own to express yourself. I hope you manage your next post!

  2. Hi there, you were drawn as one of the winners of my 'yellow' giveaway so, if you're still interested in receiving one of the little tag books .... I'll need your address.

    You can read the details in this post:


  3. hello! just saw your comment on my giveaway. :) i love your items in your shop. very adorable stuff.

    blessings, carol

  4. I love your blog background girl! Cute! :)


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