Thursday, October 29, 2009

Polyvore Loves


Today's Polyvore post is a cute little "dinner date" outfit. It's nice for this time of year - a comfy but eye-catching black knit sweater, a structured tweed skirt, and a pair of peep toes - with or without tights or hose. The clutch pushes the outfit from work wear into date territory, and sunglasses? Always a chic choice.

When I'm on Polyvore, I tend to pick items that catch my eye, and I don't bother with the prices. It is just for fun, after all. When I saw the price listings for these, though, I felt I had to share... I see the skirt - a little pricey for me, at $95. The shoes are a steal - $26! But uh-oh, the sweater is $261... the Chloe sunglasses are $309... and eeekers! The gorgeous clutch is Valentino - and $953!

I guess you could say I have expensive taste... maybe the dinner date should be at McDonalds. :)

Happy Thursday!

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