Friday, May 27, 2011

Garden, Shmarden

Daniel and I have been making a lot of progress with our garden lately, so I thought that I'd keep you up to date with what we have done.

The "tiller guy" came last week and tilled up the ground in the area that we had staked off. We measured it to be 10' by 20' but it ended up a little narrower, and a bit longer. Since the shape changed, we decided to run our garden in the opposite direction: lots of short rows, instead of a few long rows.

Saturday, we spent a lot of the afternoon picking rocks. Yay! My back was sore for a few days afterward. We also raked and leveled the area. We talked about how tough farmers must have been years ago: huge gardens, and doing every bit of the prep work by hand. We were tired after an hour or two!

Daniel had the day off from work on Monday, so he took all of the rocks that we picked over the weekend, and made a bordered edge around our garden with them. He also did a lot more raking of the soil to get it all prepped for planting.

Monday night, we headed out to our little plot to form our rows. We shaped each one of them, and make stake and string rows along each one to help keep our planting straight. We planted four veggies that night: beets, onions, mesclun salad mix, and turnip. The rest of the items will be planted a little bit later.

We've been watering our garden on the days that there hasn't been any rain. So far, nothing's sprouted, but it hasn't even been a full week yet. We plan on planting tomatoes in containers, and a big herb container as well. It's been so much fun to spend time outdoors together, working on a project that we'll get to reap benefits from!

Since there hasn't been an activity in the field where we have the garden in a long, long time, we have been finding lots of little treasures in the soil. There are tons of tiny pieces of metal, glass, and ceramic. I've been collecting the prettiest pieces to use in some cool way. Look at the colour of this teensy goodie:

Well, that's about it on the garden front. I hope to work on it a little over the weekend. The weather has been so beautiful lately, doing anything outside is fun. Take some time to get some fresh air over the weekend - I'm sure that you will enjoy it!

Happy Friday!


  1. awsome job guys,good luck with it:)

  2. thanks ben, you'll have to get up to see it!


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