Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Polyvore Loves

For this week's edition of Polyvore Loves, I'm working with my latest pair of shoes: Harajuku Lovers flats. I picked them up last week (I've been eye-balling them for a couple of months), but I wasn't sure how to style them. They are silver, you know. :)

Through Polyvore, I paired the shoes with items that I already have... although my navy shirtdress is from Gap, not Stella McCartney :). I chose said shirtdress, purple tights, a silver clutch, and a pretty scarf that picked up on all of the colours. This looks like a nice transitional outfit from winter to spring. I hope to rock this look over the weekend.

I included the shopping details this week, you might enjoy getting a ballpark figure about price ranges. I'm sure you could find a scarf for a little less than $375, though.


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