Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend in Review

An old photo I found lurking in my folders

This weekend I:
  • Thrifted with friends - and was very selective in my purchases (go me!)
  • Washed and dried all of my delicates
  • Worked - only one day out of the weekend, though
  • Dined with D and his mama
  • Bowled with D and his mama - what a blast!
  • Remembered the Lord
  • Visited with my niece and nephews
  • Watched episodes of old, fondly remembered shows (that weren't as great as we remembered, hahaha)
  • Snuggled with my boy and my pup
  • Scrapbooked and crafted (I'll give you a peek this week!)
  • Read a new magazine
  • Brainstormed blog and Etsy ideas!
I'm so excited to share some fun posts with you this week! I'm coming up on my 100th post, so we'll be celebrating all week long :)

Happy Monday!

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