Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Recipe Time

I have had world's best panini.

On Friday, a friend from work and I went out for lunch. I had the best panini ever - roast chicken and provolone. On my way home from work, we stopped at the supermarket because I felt an intense need to re-create my lunchtime meal.

The verdict? Pretty darn close!

I picked up ciabatta buns, fresh basil, two red peppers, provolone cheese and a roast chicken (who has time to cook a chicken on a week night?!). Easy-peasy.

I roasted my own red pepper, but you can buy the kind in a jar if you'd prefer. It's a pretty easy thing to do, though. Place the red pepper under the broiler, and rotate every few minutes. When it gets nice and black, remove it from the oven. Place in a brown bag, or under a dish towel (which is what I did) for five minutes. The skin should peel off easily, and you can remove the seeds and inside gookies. Mmm, mmm - these peppers are delish!

You can use whatever type of spread on your bun... we had a salad dressing that was a little too flavourful for salads (Kraft's new BBQ Ranch) and it worked perfectly. Load your bun up with lots of fresh basil (my fave), roasted peppers, chicken, and cheese. Place under the broiler, or use your fancy panini press if you have one.


Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I have to say I have never had a panini. Looks and sounds yummy!


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