Monday, July 5, 2010

Lomo Love

Just before we went on vacation, I received a super-anticipated E-bay package in the mail:

The Lomo Supersampler! It's a dream - you really must check it out. I had been browsing around, looking at various toy cameras, and this really caught my interest... and take a gander at the colour!

I had originally wanted a Fujifilm Instax (they take photos that look like narrow Polaroids) but the film is expensive, and only available online. The Supersampler takes good ol' 35 mm film - which is available at most retail establishments :)

The Supersampler essentially takes four shots in two, or .2 seconds (there's a switch on the back to switch between the two). Since it doesn't have a flash, all the photos need to be taken outdoors on a sunny day. The best part of the deal? No batteries! The shots came out looking really pretty and vintage-y. Mmm... yummo.

We took the camera with us when we went through the Public Gardens with our pals, Janelle and Patrick. I thought I'd show you a few of my favourites. Keep in mind that these shots are completely un-edited... so the colours are pretty muted. Enjoy!

J + P = darlings that I miss dearly

Horse-drawn tour through the city

Pretty gazebo with the great red roof

Daniel and P-dogg doing hi-fives

Beautiful flower gardens

Happy Monday!

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