Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vay-kay Oh-One

I decided to break my vacation slash vacation photos down into segments for you over the next couple of days. We had so much fun on our Toronto trip that it's impossible to pack it all into one post. I hope you enjoy a little peek into our escapade!

This trip was my first time flying, other than with my friends and their dad in his four-seater. I loved it - totally not scary! Here's a shot of my little screen before we left ground:

Yay! We're off! I took a little video of our take off that I might show you later. Here's us above the clouds - go West Jet!

Whew - this is the max altitude and speed that we reached. Holy shnikies!

Relatively clear skies :) What a pretty morning...

Here's our first glimpse of Toronto - you can see the CN Tower... I made a little arrow for you :)

So we landed safely, made our way through the baggage claim in the airport, then caught a cab to our downtown hotel. Traffic was a little crazy - a 20 minute drive took over an hour. We arrived at our hotel, the Sheraton, at lunchtime, and decided to see if we could check our baggage, rather than drag it around the city :)

The guy at the front desk told us that we could do an early check-in, and noticed that there were only two of us. He offered us a king-sized room instead of a room with two double beds. Sweet deal! He asked if we wanted to sign up for the free rewards program, and we agreed, so he told us that he'd check with his manager about giving us a better upgrade. He came back and told us that we could have a junior suite, and it was ready up on the 24th floor. Sweet deal!

We took the elevator up and housekeeping was still in the room, so we took our luggage back down and asked if we could just check our bags until later. The man was so apologetic that the room wasn't finished, although we reassured him that it was no big deal. He gave us vouchers for free breakfast buffets for all three mornings! They were $27 a piece - times six - $162 worth of freebies!

We went up to our room, unlocked the door, and this was waiting for us...

Seriously, the biggest hotel room that I was ever in! Two couches, flat-screen TV, two wardrobes, and a beautiful bathroom - not to mention a fabulous view of the city! An $825 room at Hotwire prices :) Thank you, Lord!

This is the only shot that we took of our hotel - it's at night, from the fountain across the street. If you are looking for a hotel in Toronto, the Sheraton Centre Hotel is an awesome place! Best service ever, beautiful, all the amenities, and perfect location.

Hope you enjoyed the first segment of our vacation!

Happy Tuesday!

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