Thursday, July 29, 2010

Vay-Kay Oh-Two

Time for today's installment of Vay-Kay! Lucky for you, these photos uploaded correctly and you can check them out without tilting your head sideways:)

Guess what was just up the street from our hotel?

Urban Outfitters! Being a deprived Nova Scotian, I was pumped to find it so close to where we were staying. I mostly went there to browse, since suitcases and airplanes are not the best mode of transporting fun new finds. I spotted this sweet K, but alas, the thin metal frame would have been destroyed by the squishy suitcase.

I did, however, find a sweet rug for our living room - I folded that beast into submission and it made the cut. Here is the same one hanging up in the store.

The rug matches everything in our living room, but they aren't really colours that I'm drawn to. I decided to bite the bullet and matching/coolness comes first. :) And... it was on super-duper sale, so that helped, too!

We found a few other odds and ends, like mustache bandages, a cross-stitched plate, and fake Ray-Bans for D (which I may or may not steal from him). My trusty darling lugged our purchases all around town. What a doll!

Hope you're enjoying this rainy day - I have the day off of work, so I got caught up on some super neglected everyday chores. Our place smells fresh again!

Happy Thursday!

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