Monday, August 23, 2010

Pretty Little Things

My mama is wonderful. She's always on the hunt for things for me, usually before she even looks for herself. She's the most selfless lady I know, and I'm blessed to have her as my mom.

Look at her latest treasure! She found an antique canister set in my favourite colour! I almost squealed when she showed me :)

Mom found the canisters at a sale to raise money for a local museum. She paid less than $10 for them! Isn't that unbelievable?! I can't wait to display them on my counters. I cleaned our place all afternoon yesterday, so our kitchen counter has a nice space waiting for them.

Have you found any awesome goodies lately? Do tell!

P.S. There's a peek at our girl-y kitchen in the background. Husbie doesn't mind, so it's turning into a pretty shabby chic zone... Mmm, mmm.

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