Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vay-Kay Oh-Three

Can you believe it? I've made another vacation post!

Remember that vacation? The one back in July? Well, we took a little trip to Toronto. A big trip squished into a little time frame. Here we go, boys...!

On day two, we walked down to the CN Tower. I'd never seen it in person before, and Daniel had only seen it from the outside. It was time to take a ride on the wild side!

Here's what was waiting for us on Front Street West:

Can you believe the size of that thing? It reminds me of a ginormous mosquito stinker. Either that or the Jetsons... depends on the day :)

From the top (well, the top-ish: we didn't pay the extra gazillion dollars to go up another twenty feet) there was a terrific view of Toronto:

Our Converses liked to hang out on the glass floor:

"Through the looking glass..."

It's the Rogers Centre! You'll see more of that in the next vacation post, since we went to a soccer game there that night!

Speaking of soccer game, a random group of guys stopped us and wanted to get their picture taken with Daniel. He was wearing a Celtic jersey, and they all had Manchester ones on :) They were the two teams that were playing that night....

Here's a peek at the water-edged side of T dot O:

There's your whirlwind tour of the CN Tower! I took a video while on the elevator going down, but silly me: I turned the camera sideways. Sideways camera equals sideways video. I did that a lot on the trip. Bummer!

Happy Thursday!


  1. umm... we were at the same game! But cheering ManU :) Glad you enjoyed your Toronto vacation :)

    Janna F(previously Ramsay) :)

  2. That's too funny! Actually Celtic and ManU are Daniel's two favourite, so we had to make the trip up :) I had the pleasure of wearing a Manchester cap... lucky me!


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