Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Polyvore Loves: Fall Trends

It's Polyvore Loves time!

I'm trying my best to not buy much clothes this fall... at least before I weed out my closet. Let's keep my weekend purchases a secret. Our little apartment doesn't have a lot of storage, so what would be a normal or typical amount of clothes in the average girl's closet seems overwhelming in ours. Daniel only has about eight things hanging, the rest he has to fold. What a darling, eh? Giving up valuable closet space... sweetheart.

To help me work with what I have, I've come up with four current fall trends that I think are groovy. You can use these ensembles to inspire you in making creative wardrobe choices with pieces you already have. Please don't make a "trendy" purchase - I know you have the basics right in your closet. Take a look:

Trend number one: Plaid. Have a cute plaid wool skirt that you've been itching to wear? What about that classic plaid button-up that you always rock? I used a plaid dress in my example, but throw on a pair of opaque tights, cute flats, and a pretty headband, and you'll be laughing...


Trend number two: Military-inspired. You probably have a cropped jacket or blazer in your closet that is double-breasted, has large buttons, or is khaki, beige, or brown. Why not rock it with dark wash jeans, knee high boots, a leather purse, and an armful of bangles? You're all set... and cute to boot!

Trend number three: Animal print. Whether it's a cardigan, blouse, skirt, or dress, I know you have something leopard. It can even be a purse or a pair of shoes. These prints look great and current with jewel tones, instead of the classic black. I love gold accessories with animal prints... when it's tastefully done. Hey, not tastefully done is cute too - you can rock the eighties if you want!

Trend number four: Neutrals. This may sound like a given, but neutrals are big... and all shades are game. I love beige, pale pink, and light (or dark) gray together. The lady-like style is flattering on every shape and size... and if a colour is too light for you, don't wear it close to your face. I can't wear pale pink: I look like I'm naked and sick - it's basically the same colour as my skin tone. Try a variety of shades and colours... I know you'll feel fresh and current.

Moral of the trend story: learn to know what works for you. I have a post based on that thought alone, so I'll leave it at that... but expect some photos in that one :)

See? You don't need to even leave your room! You've got some cute fall trends hanging in your closet, itching to be used. Be adventurous! Try new combinations that you never thought would work together. Tell me how you make out...

Happy Wednesday!

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