Tuesday, October 12, 2010

23 before 24

I was a bit frantic when I saw my "23 before 24" list on my magnet board - there weren't many goals highlighted, and I've only got a little more than a month left! Not to worry, upon closer inspection, I do have a few more done than I had originally thought...

Goal # 22: Try a new sport

Zip-lining totally counts as a new sport! I would never have volunteered to go: Daniel knew I could do it if he pushed me, so he called and signed us both up while I wasn't home. That rascal. I was totally out of my element there. I'm not an outdoorsy girl, it's really something that I'm working on. The man running the company was really into it, and went first to show us what it was like. I felt a little more at ease. Daniel went first, I went second, and Shamus was last. The worst part was letting yourself go... being in the air was fun! And - it wasn't that scary! I would definitely go again... you can pay a little more and spend the whole afternoon there, which is what I'd love to try the next time. 

Please try it! Push yourself - I know you'll love it.
Happy Tuesday!

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