Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Craft It.

I finally got some pics of my crafting space to share with you. I love seeing other people's studios and creating zones, so I thought you might like a peek, too! I hope you enjoy!

My desk

My little storage unit and antique table (now side table slash printer table)

My button shelf - all of those jars hold buttons, except for the baker's twine and brushes

My little amigurumi friends from Kelsie 

My bookshelf - well, the bottom shelf is crafting books, storage on the rest

My acrylic paints

 My sewing corner

Little magnetic board, Nikki McClure print, and goals chart

One of my favourite Emily Martin prints, and the fox. The darling. Other tidbits as well...

Writing goodies... and Daniel's cute mug :)

The reading/sleeping nook - cozy! That's my dress form, too :) 

Little Valentine's Day pillow that I made for Daniel (it's from Madagascar 2)
Hope you liked the glimpse into my space. It's small and has not natural light, but it's cozy and I love being in there!

Have a great day!


  1. katie, this is amazing! can i say jealous? and not surprised? you rock, my crafty friend. i love you.

  2. aww, thanks j-dogg! you're too sweet to me :)


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