Monday, December 13, 2010

Multitude Monday

Today, I'm thankful for:

111 - memories of summer vacation (the photo was taken in Sherbrooke Village, a historical village)
112 - the scent of our Christmas tree and watching the lights twinkle against the balls
113 - a tidy kitchen with all of the dishes done and counters cleaned - the best feeling ever.
114 - patchouli incense burning and making our apartment all warm and cozy
115 - my husband downstairs working on my present - it's going to be a beauty.
116 - our new couch arriving Friday - eekers, I can't wait!
117 - a trip to the post office to send out half of our cards - now to get the rest out!
118 - stocking stuffers being just about done - Daniel likes them wrapped :)
119 - Lush goodies arriving in the mail - and more to come!
120 - fun links from a bunch of darlings - thanks, gals!

I can't wait to share some DIY goodness with you this week - I've been brainstorming which ideas I can share with you. I don't want to give anyone a sneak peek of their present, so I've got to be particular about what I share. There will be a few easy projects that anyone can manage...

Happy Monday!

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