Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Home Tour Week: Bedroom

Today I'm going to give you a little tour of our bedroom. 

Our apartment is small - only one bedroom - but we find it incredibly cozy. Out of all of the places that we've lived in together, this is the most homey. In our previous apartment, our bedroom had a shabby chic vibe going on. I'm slowly weeding out the pastels and trying to use neutrals with pops of colour in our current bedroom. Take a look:

Last week, I took off all of the accent pillows (except for one) off of the bed. I removed the pillow covers, and here's my game plan: make natural linen covers with strips of colour on each one. Hopefully this will help to bridge our tan paint colour and the bright(er) quilt. Here's the only accent pillow left:

When we went to Toronto last summer, I found a rug in Urban Outfitters that I loved. We managed to finagle it into our suitcase, and it currently resides in our bedroom:

Since our bedroom is too small for two bedside tables, we have our (shared) dresser on one side. It's worked well so far... but sharing a dresser?! That's a work in progress :)

On the other side, we have a rustic little side table with four drawers. We each have a sock and underwear drawer. This seems to work:

By the door, I have a little table with my girlier things on it: my necklace holder, hair products, and of course, my Momiji dolls:

Here are my little Momiji darlings:

We have a beautiful antique rocker in the corner. It was my mom's, and I've always loved it. She got it from an instructor of hers way back in the day. It belonged to his grandmother, so that's about... four or five generations. That bad boy is old!

We bought this little crab on our honeymoon. He's handmade, and the prettiest shade of mustard yellow.

I have a Nikki McClure print in our room as well. We bought this in Boston, and I picked up another one in Toronto. We don't have the other print anymore - a moving mishap. Boo.

Well, that's our little room. I'm sorry that there isn't a wider general shot, but it's hard to get the right angle. The joys of a tiny place, eh?
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