Friday, January 21, 2011

Home Tour Week: Kitchen

Are you ready for the kitchen? 
Let's rock!


Against one wall, we have our little table and stools. Before we moved in, they put a door in the kitchen to go outdoors. It ate up what was going to be our table, so we were on the look-out for a substitute. We thought about building a breakfast bar, but we ended up finding the perfect table. It's long and narrow, and came with four stools. It's tight quarters if we have anyone over, but for the two of us, it's perfect!

Here's a look at the kitchen, coming from the living room. Daniel's dad build all of the cabinets by hand. Talented, eh? I've tried to have a few hits of red - a gingham curtain, Kitchen-aid mixer (not shown - it's by the fridge), and soap. Take a closer look at my window ledge...

 Two plants! I haven't killed them yet, they are actually growing! They are the cutest little things - we picked them up as a little pop of natural life before we moved. I'm quite proud of them. It's my longest track record yet - three months :)

Last but not least, my cupcake canisters. They're pretty cute!

Well, that's our kitchen! I'll be sharing some fun recipes that I've tried out in it soon :)


  1. love your kitchen katie! Lots of cupboard space! wow! also love the little "katie" details too :)

  2. thanks, ash! yeah, it's the most cupboard space i've ever had - i'm thoroughly enjoying it :)


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