Monday, January 17, 2011

Home Tour Week: Paint Colours

Welcome to Home Tour Week!

To start things off, I thought I'd share our apartment's paint colours with you. Keep in mind, the colour on the screen can vary from computer to computer, but this is a pretty good representation of our colours:

The kitchen, bedroom and hallways are painted Summer Suede by Pittsburgh Paints. It's a nice neutral tan that goes well with whites or brights. My mother-in-law had just painted it a few months before we moved in. (Side note: we moved into the granny suite that's attached to my in-laws house - it's a separate apartment.) I'm not a brown sort of girl, but it's nice and light and helps open up our tiny apartment.

The bathroom is painted Benjamin Moore Gull Wing Gray. It's a nice deep colour that isn't too overwhelming in a small space. It sometimes reads as a smoky blue as well, depending on the accent colours and lighting in the room. I love it with white and acid green!

Our living room is Bird's Egg by Benjamin Moore. We were inspired by this room in a Pure Design episode. It's a beautiful light and bright shade of robin's egg, and it provides our place with a calming burst of colour. I'm so happy that we went a little more bold than usual - we were tempted to go gray, but I think we made the right decision in the end.

That's your first peek into our place. Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Hi Katie, I was surfing the net for pain jobs, I have built up a new house and I am confused with all the colors, i like calm and bright colors. the paints you have used are lovely. I like it and i will paint my house the same. FYI: I am in Afghanistan and I am 28 years :)
    Be happy and live well.


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