Wednesday, April 6, 2011

L'il Pup.

This guy rocks my socks. Sometimes he drives me crazy... like today, when he ran away and almost got hit on the road. Sometimes he makes me laugh... when he tries to get me to wrestle his toys away from him. Sometimes he amazes me... like when he runs full throttle across the field. But, most of all, he makes me happy.

His favourite food? Cantelope. Seriously. Every time we eat it, he's patiently waiting for his portion. We had some early in the week, and all three of us shared it. I picked up some groceries today, and when I was putting the produce in the fridge, Sage spotted the cantelope and raced over to sniff it. What a nut.

His favourite toy? His Kong. It's ancient - we really need to buy him a new one, but he loves it. It's chewed to pieces, but he still manages to gnaw on it.

His favourite place to sleep? You see it in the picture: our bed. He was looking so cute and snuggle-y today, I had to take a picture of him.I buy him handmade throws at second-hand stores, and wash it with the same detergent that we use, but nothing will persuade him. When we actually put a foot down and make him sleep on his own blanket, he acts like he's in trouble. He just doesn't get why he needs to sleep on the floor.

He's our pup... and he's super cute. Love you, Sage!


  1. Oh he so adorable!! He really is so pretty. Really like your blog. Glad I found it.

  2. Aaw, what a cutie!! :) What kind of pup is he?

  3. Thanks, guys! He's some sort of boxer and bulldog combination. I call him a pup... but he's three now. :)

  4. i like your blog katie...sortof the epitome of cheerfulness


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