Thursday, January 13, 2011

Polyvore Loves

Are you ready for a nice change from your black, brown, and denim?

It's Polyvore Loves!

This week, it's Anthropologie time! Do I really need to link it? I'm sure if you're a fan, you know the site :) I chose some unique pieces to get us out of our hum-drum style. I know I'm feeling the winter lazies. Anthropologie always helps me to look at my closet in a different way.

Maybe it's time to do some outfit of the days, too! That may help me - put the pressure on for me to get out of my jeans or leggings. What do you guys think? I'll let you take a look at the Polyvore outfit and then make a decision. Let me know in the comments (or on Facebook) if you want to see me in outfit posts...

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