Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

It's Thrifty Thursday time!

Each Thursday, I'll be showcasing an item that I've recently thrifted. It will be fun to show you the beautiful, cute, useful, and/or quirky pieces that I've picked up for next to nothing. I'll try to remember how much I've paid for each item as well - just to prove that I'm no extravagant shopper! :)

In December, I was dilly-dallying in the shoe section at Value Village. I received a few gift certificates for my birthday that were burning a hole in my pocket - or, um, purse. At first, I caught a glimpse of a red shoe that sparkled - and it was a flat! 

Upon closer inspection, I saw the brand name inside:

They're Frye! American made, quality footwear! These puppies had little to no wear, so I scooped them up - they were a size 9 after all - a perfect fit. 

The best part? The Value Village pricing associates strike again:

They were $3.99! These shoes would retail for around $150! 

I find that if it's a brand name or label that is sold in the area - and believe me, there aren't many - then the item will be significantly overpriced. For example - a dress from Suzy Shier for $14.99. No thanks, I'll go to the mall and buy it for $16.99, thank you very much. The most commonly overpriced items are primarily from Walmart (725 Originals or George), Old Navy, Gap, and American Eagle. Any other label is fair game. 

So that's my find for this edition - don't you love my sparkly flats? I can't wait until the spring when I can rock these bad boys with a cute floral print dress.

Have you found any awesome thrifted items lately?

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I'm doing weekly thrift finds on my blog too!! It's so much fun :) First of all, LOVE value village but I agree, if there's a brand name-so expensive! But I love hunting for the one-of-a-kind stuff too :)


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