Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Daniel was is the best at picking out cute stocking stuffers at Christmas time. He knows exactly what I like, and when I ooo-ed and ahhhed this past Christmas over all of the absolutely fantastic packaging and product design, he confessed that that's one of the things he looks for. I love pretty packaging... he knows my style so well :)

One of my stocking stuffers was a cute candle in pretty, simple packaging. After I burned it, I knew that I had to pick up more. The scent is wonderful!

Daniel told me where he bought the candle, and I took a little trip to buy another one. When I arrived, they were having a 50% off sale - so I bought two! The fresh grapefruit scent is perfect for the bathroom or kitchen. I love lighting it in the kitchen after I have everything cleaned up for the night... it makes the room feel extra clean :)

Do you have any candle scents or brands that you favour?

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  1. grapefruit is the most divine scent. i also love the smell of honey - i have a brick of beeswax that i just unwrap and sniff and sniff when i'm prowling through my craft bin. yum!


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