Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thrifty Thursday

This Thrifty Thursday, I have some real cuties to share with you!

 On Monday, Value Village held a 50% off day, so my parents and I headed down to scope out the bargains. I had a gift certificate that had been burning a hole in my wallet since November. I wasn't expecting much, as I haven't bought anything there in quite a few visits. Little did I know...

I found two pairs of shoes, both new with tags. The first pair was $100 - and I bought them for $5! The second pair was $60, and I bought them for $5 as well. I also found a great assortment of adorable baby clothes for my friend Janelle (yay!), and a few home decor items that I will share soon.

Take a peek at my pretty shoes:

Cute, eh? I was pumped - pretty shoes that fit perfectly,
and are comfy, wearable ones, too!

(P.S. Can we not talk about how dirty my table is?
I was up crafting on it the night before, so there are paper cutting and glue smudges all over it. I know now you are going to scroll back up. Don't. Just look the other way, mmkay? Thanks.)

Have you thrifted anything wonderful lately?

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