Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fab Colours.

When I was getting ready for the day yesterday, 
I realized that I have a new favourite colour combination:

This combination is no grand epiphany, but I enjoy it, nonetheless. It's classic, in a classic trench and trousers sort of way. It's nautical, and fun, too. 
Is that not the best combination ever? A little nautical fun sounds good to me.

I wore a white jersey-knit shirt with narrow navy stripes (breton stripes?),
an olive drapey cardigan, and dark trouser jeans.
I felt all grown up... but comfortable, too.
I'm going to find new ways to rock this colour combination - since
olive and navy are new colours for me and my wardrobe.
Hmmm, perhaps a little shopping adventure in the near future? :)

Happy Thursday!

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