Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I had a busy weekend... that carried over until Monday. I have a love/hate thing with busy weekends. I like doing stuff, but I hate the housework that I have to get caught up on once there's a normal routine again. Anyone else feel my pain?

I made a little rule for myself - no internet on Saturday and Sunday. I really felt like I had more fun this weekend without being glued to a computer. It's nice to be able to spend "real-time" with people.

Friday evening we drove for a little while, went out for supper with a friend, then we hung out with Dan's mom, sister and kiddos for the evening. Man, those kids are adorable! I love when we get to spend time with them - they crack me up.

We spent Saturday morning with our niece, as her little birthday treat for turning four. We went to the photo booth, she got to pick out a new outfit, signed some books out at the library, and went to lunch at the restaurant of her choice - McDonalds :) We bee-lined back home so I could get to the ladies' Bible study and potluck. It was the last one for the study we were doing, so we got to tell our Secret Sisters who we were. It was a lot of fun. Daniel had hockey with the boys on Saturday night, and I went to the annual St. Patrick's Day auction with Mom at our local fire hall. I bought something for the first time in four years! I'll share it with you later in the week... it's super pretty :)

Sunday morning, we went to church - luckily, we didn't sleep in with the time change! We came home, I had a nap, and Daniel went to my little cousin's hockey game. When he got home, my darling surprised me with a little date at home night. He came home with a bag of treats and a movie, it was a lovely surprise!

Monday morning, I took Mom to a doctor's appointment, and we went to a few stores there, too. We got home in the late afternoon, and then once Dan got home from work, we went to our friend's place for supper, games, and chill time watching the Food Network :) Whew! I'm glad to have a little down time to get caught up on everything... 

There. I shared. Sometimes it's tough sharing real life stuff on here - I'd rather not get too personal. I just felt like typing this morning, I guess. I hope your weekend was fun, too!

... and just because I can't make a post without a photo, here's a little road trip love :)

(heh heh - it was totally not from this weekend - check out the green grass!)

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