Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Things I Heart IV

Things I Heart is rocking out with this March edition!

I love sharing items that I enjoy with you. This edition contains lots of links, so you can enjoy for yourself. Of course, there are some that are a little more personal, but can be modified to fit your life. For example, while you can't have baby Sam photos sent to you, you can look at adorable pictures of babies that you love. You also can't read the school journals that Mom found in the basement, but you can read journals that you wrote in, or a loved one did, and have a good laugh at the photos and stories. That's enough about me - I should stop typing and get to the sharing part, shouldn't I?

Here you go... take a look:

1. Chevron prints
2. Olive green and hot pink
3. Tiramisu from the Italian Market
4. What I Wore Wednesdays on these three blogs
5. Sarah 101 every Thursday morning
6. Elementary school journals
7. Twilight Woods hand soap from Bath and Body Works
8. Foxes. Always. Watch this video and it may convert you.
9. Sam photos sent to our phone :)
10. Rustic industrial shelving

What do you heart lately?

Happy Wednesday!

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