Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Little Debate.

I'm trying to make a decision.

We have a fairly large painting in the living room. I've been meaning to repaint one of the lines to match our current colours, but since I've been eyeballing it the past few weeks, another idea popped into my mind. I would love to paint the frame white! 

We have so much dark, heavy furniture in our living room, and I wanted the room to feel light and bright when I first chose our wall colour. The white frame would be a serious hit of brightness. The only thing is, the painting is on the same wall as the television. Black TV plus black framed painting equals kind of blending, right? I can't make up my mind. Here's a photo to jog your memory:

If I really wanted everything to blend, I could create some sort of gallery wall surrounding the television. I'm kind of over the gallery wall look, though. I've tried it before, and I feel that you need to invest in pretty, nice, cohesive frames in order to pull it off correctly. Buying frames is not something that I feel like spending money on. Free white paint in the basement is a little more my style :)

The whole "light and bright" approach for our living room is really taken from a Pure Design makeover that I got our wall colour from. Here's a link if you would like to take a peek at my inspiration . I feel like our living room needs a nice loud dose of white.

Well, what do you think - leave as is or paint the frame white?

As a side note - if this helps to pull you in any particular direction... I'm adding yellow accessories to the room over the next few weeks.

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