Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thrifty/Thrifted Thursday

 Did you think that I forgot about this weekly feature?!
... maybe I did.

Our nearest second-hand shop closes up for the month of March every year. They purge old stuff, revamp the store itself, and restock lots of goodies. Right before they close every year, they put everything on for half price. My mom and I ran in last week, and look at my little treasure...

Is that not the cutest tea saucer ever?! I collect them, as you may know... but only individual plates, never sets. Oh, the colours - pink, mustard, brown, green! The tweedish background... oo la la. Here's a closer peek:

How much did I pay for this little gem, you may ask? A mere thirteen cents! I could actually pay cash for it :) I love this little plate so much, I decided to change the feature header shot to include it! Here's a look at the new picture:

I hope that your Thursday is lovely!


  1. what a cute little saucer
    you were link loved on my Saturday post
    ~that sale sounds like so much fun!

  2. Aw, thanks Rueben! I will have to check it out :)


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