Thursday, March 3, 2011

Scrap Happy

When I was sorting through box after box of crafting supplies last week, I found a stack of photos that I had been meaning to scrapbook before we moved. Some were recent, but quite a few were not so current. It was time to work those photos into some pages!

Last night, during a quiet evening in, I seized the opportunity to have a craft night. A few scattered photos, random supplies, bits, and bobbins to use up, and older paper that's ready to be used equals a finished project. Nothing fancy, but better in an album than in a stack of papers.
I'm a happy girl!


  1. love the scrapbook pages! way to go, productive friend! also, your zippy cleaning post rocks - no wonder your place is always lovely.

  2. These scrapbook pages look lovely! I think first one is my favourite :) I've always thought it's really hard to make something like this... is it? :)



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